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With Alliance Marketing, Inc., you are partnering with a representative team that brings you the complete package.

  • Results: Ultimately, a rep firm is judged by the sales it produces. At Alliance Marketing, Inc., our goal is always to close the sales, and do it in a manner that results in success for both manufacturer and customer partners. Our long record of annual sales growth and the awards we have earned attest to our success.
  • Diversification: Our distribution channel diversification gives us the ability to place product in multiple lucrative channels of distribution. We work with our manufacturer partners to place their products in all of the appropriate channels.
  • Extensive Product and Channel Knowledge: We are well-versed in the features and benefits of the products we represent, how they fit within their respective product lines, and the consumers they target. We know how the companies in our focus distribution channel operate. We know their buying and selling cycles; we know the types of new products they need; we know the price points they need; we know the characteristics of their target consumers.
  • Negotiation: We are directly tied to our manufacturers and, as such, negotiate, on their behalf, with our customers to obtain maximum product placement.
  • Communication: In our business, surprises are usually not good, and the way to eliminate surprises is to communicate, communicate, communicate. We are in constant communication with our manufacturer and customer partners via face-to-face appointments, telephone, and email.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Manufacturer representation is a service business and every member of the Alliance Marketing, Inc. team is devoted to providing our partners with exceptional customer service. We strive to exceed the expectations of our partners. We promise to handle all requests and resolve all issues in a timely, professional manner.